Crane Accidents

The Law Office of Joseph Glick, P.A. has the experience and expertise required to obtain a full and just recovery for its crane accident victims.

Giant multistory cranes are seen all over South Florida. They present a huge danger. They collapse. Sections weighing thousands of pounds come crashing down. The cranes are not properly inspected, operators are frequently unlicensed, improperly trained and not supervised. As a result many people are killed or badly injured.

The Wall Street Journal, in September 2008, reported that the federal government will require crane operators nationwide to pass a certification test in its first update of crane regulations in nearly four decades. The new standards aim to toughen requirements on inspecting ground conditions, the assembly and disassembly of cranes, the operation of cranes near power lines, the certification and training of crane operators, the use of safety devices and inspections of cranes.

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