Defective Products

At The Law Office of Joseph Glick, P.A. we strive to hold responsible those parties who place defective products in the stream of public commerce. Our purpose is to identify defective products for the benefit of our clients and to thereby create a safer environment. This is best accomplished by holding the responsible purveyors of defective products financially accountable.

For example, in one case a power circular saw was laid on the ground. The man using it placed the switch in the “off” position. But the circular saw kept spinning and “walked” across the ground and almost amputated his leg. The “off” switch allowed the blade to continue to spin for a dangerously long period of time. When The Law Office of Joseph Glick, P.A. accepted this case there had been no reported similar incidences nor any product recall by the manufacturers. As you may well imagine, there were many issues to be addressed. Especially since the saw was manufactured in another country but sold here in the U.S.A. After consulting with design and manufacturing safety experts we were able to establish that the product was unsafe and defectively designed without a “dead man’s kill switch”.

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