Premises Liability

At The Law Office of Joseph Glick, P.A. we have successfully represented a large number of clients in a wide variety of premise liability cases.

A person may be injured or die while on someone else’s property because of dangerous or negligent property conditions. Florida law requires proof that the property was carelessly maintained or that there was a failure to warn of a dangerous condition.

At The Law Office of Joseph Glick, P.A. we have represented many clients who suffered fractured hips, arms, wrists, legs; brain injuries; loss of vision and other serious injuries caused by Slip and Fall Accidents and Trip and Fall Accidents.

We are well versed in representing clients who have suffered serious physical and emotional injuries involving inadequate security at hotels, commercial property and parking lots.

Swimming Pool Accidents can be responsible for death, brain damage or paralysis. At The Law Office of Joseph Glick, P.A. we have the experience and expertise necessary to establish whether unsafe conditions came into play causing drowning or injury; such as, fencing, gate locks and latches, pool drains, unsafe pool design, diving boards, warning devices, and many other potentially dangerous conditions on the premises.

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